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Communications, Media & Technology

For media, technology and communications companies, products can go from their original concept to being applied within a few months.  Risk Management can be challenging and the unique exposures your company faces does not mean the traditional exposures fade away. Multiple clients rely on the services you provide and having an experienced Broker and Risk Management partner is key to your company’s success.

MYCOR Insurance Solutions will help you understand and manage these risks. Media, technology and communications companies must have adequate protection against risks such as Property, Commercial General Liability, Cyber Liability, Business Interruption, and Crime.  We can show you how to get out in front of emerging risks to protect your operations and provide peace of mind - so you can keep innovating.

We specialize in insurance solutions for:
  • Technology Companies of all kinds
  • Electronic Recyclers
  • Computer hardware manufacturers/wholesalers
  • IT service providers
  • Robotics companies
  • Computer-controlled machinery companies
  • Electronic equipment companies (manufacturers/wholesalers)
  • Software companies (pre-packaged, custom-made, VAR, etc.)
  • Component manufacturers/wholesalers
  • Telecommunications/communications companies
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