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Auto & Fleet

If your business operations requires you to use an auto, whether it is a large number of commercial vehicles or just a single pick-up truck to take tools and material to a job site, MYCOR Insurance Solutions has you covered. No matter what kind or number of vehicles your business has and operates, you still need insurance to protect you from accidents occur..

MYCOR Insurance will tailor your commercial automobile policy best suited for your company’s risks and exposures.  No matter what you use your vehicles for, hauling for others, delivering to customers, carrying paid customers, sales vehicles, MYCOR Insurance’s team of experts will be there to support you with fleet safety, hiring practices, risk management and best in-class insurance coverage.

In addition to standard Third Party Liability, options include:
  • Accident & Ticket Protection
  • Protection for employees using their own vehicles for business.
  • Protection for leased or rented vehicles.
  • Protection against at-fault uninsured and under insured drivers.
  • Protection for attached machinery
  • Downtime
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Temporary vehicle replacement.
  • Coverage for off-road vehicles.
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