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Residential Real Estate Investment

Specialty Programs

Are you a Real Estate Investor?  Member of a Real Estate Investment club?  Have a portfolio of Residential properties or just one location?  MYCOR Insurance Solutions can provide you with the unique and distinct coverages to ensure your investment is well protected.

MYCOR Insurance Solutions has created a program to specifically address the risks, coverages and needs of the Real Estate Investor.  All at a reasonable cost to keep your cash flow liquid.  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice coverages and pay unreasonable premiums because it is an investment property. 

Some of our coverage highlights are:
  • 120 day vacancy coverage
  • Sewer back-up included
  • Tenants vandalism protection up to $50,000 standard
  • Rental Income coverage is on an actual loss sustained form for up to 24 months from date of loss with no dollar limitation
  • Earthquake
  • Flood available in most areas
  • Commercial General Liability Limit $2,000,000 included
Target Properties
  • Single Family Dwellings
  • Multi Family Dwellings
  • Triplexes
  • Fourplexes
  • Student Housing
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