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Is your CPAP Clinic Insurance keeping you up at night?

As a medical professional, your first concern is for your patients and there wellbeing. Being a business owner, you need to also address the risks you and your clinic face.   What would happen if your patient records were destroyed by fire?  Your computer equipment or medical equipment was damaged from a water leak?  A flood closes your clinic for weeks?  

With MYCOR Insurance Solutions Rest Assured coverage, you get the protection you need to cover a wide range of risks at an affordable premium.  Designed specifically for CPAP Clinics and Distributors of CPAP Machines, this comprehensive insurance policy ensures you have the best coverages to help you sleep better at night. 

Coverage Highlights Include:
  • Damage to your business property including buildings, business contents, medical equipment, and business interruption arising from an insured loss.
  • Legal costs due to injury to a third party or damage to their property while on your premises such as slip/fall
  • Damage to computers and electronic media.
  • Loss or damage to valuable papers and records 
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Employee theft, including coverage of loss due to dishonesty, fraud, or theft of money, securities or other property owned by the office/clinic.
  • Disease outbreak (causing additional expenses including temporary relocation of your office/clinic in order to continue normal operations following a closure order by a public health authority as a direct result of an outbreak of a human communicable disease).
  • Professional Liability coverage for RN’s, RPN’s, RT’s and PST’s
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